Solar-LED-street lights

Solar LED Street lighting system

Solex solar street lighting system is ideal for illuminating highways, village roads, streets in towns, gardens, industry premises. No grid connection is required for solar street lights; it reduces the cost of cable, pole extension and losses in the cable. It provides continuous light at night time.


  • DTDC controller (Automatic ON/OFF Operation).
  • Two step charging algorithm
  • Highly efficient charge controller and inverter.
  • Temperature compensated battery set points.
  • Weather proof luminaries
  • Anodized aluminum reflector
  • Anti corrosive galvanized pole/MS Pole and suitable accessories
  • ABS/MS Battery box
  • 3 days system autonomy.

*All other models available on request contact SEPL

System Description UOM Solex M5 Solex M6 Solex M7 Solex M8 Solex M9 Solex M10
Luminarie Type Make LED LED LED LED LED LED
Wattage Watts 6w 10w 15w 20w 30w 40w
Output Lumens 600 1000 1500 1800 2700 3600
Solar Panel Wp 37 45 60 75 120 160
12V Flooded Tubular Lead Acid Battery AH 40 50 60 75 120 160
Pole mtr 05 05 06 06 08 08
Luminarie Casing Body Unbreakable Poly- Carbonate-Nylon/Aluminum Casting Body
Solar Panel Type cell Crystalline with high energy output cells
Cable Set High ampere -Low Voltage tinned copper double core cable set
Battery Box 100% Acid & Rust Proof + UV Proof Polymeric Battery Box

*All other models available on request contact SEL

Product Name 11W CFL 11W x2 CFL 9W LED 12-15W LED 18-22W LED LED 24W LED 30W LED 36W LED 40W LED 45W LED
Model No. Solex-SLS1 Solex-SLS2 Solex-SLS3 Solex-SLS4 Solex-SLS5 Solex-SLS6 Solex-SLS7 Solex-SLS8 Solex-SLS9 Solex-SLS10
Solar Panel 74 WP 120 WP 40 WP 74 WP 100 Wp 100 Wp 120 Wp 150 Wp 2 * 80 Wp 2 * 100 Wp
Battery 65/75 Ah 100 Ah 40 Wp 65/75 Ah 100 Ah 120 Ah 100 Ah 120 Ah 12 x 75 Ah 12 x 75 Ah
Luminaries 11 W CFL 22 W CFL 9 W 12 W 18 W 24 W 30 W 36 W 40 W 45 W
Electronics Efficiency > 85% >90%
Operating Voltage 12 V DC
Automatic ON/OFF Automatically switch ON at Dusk and Automatically switch OFF at Down
Charge Controller Inbuilt PWM Technology Microcontroller based
PCB installation Solder free
Charging Indication Provided (Green LED for charging ON, Red LED for low battery)
Protection Low battery over charging, Deep discharging, Reverse flow, Reverse Polarity, cut off, short circuit
Luminaires Casting Nylone PDC Aluminum body with un-breakable toughen glass
Cable Set High Ampere - Low Voltage Copper Double Core Cable set
Pole Made of MS Galvanized steel structure and battery box
NULL 5 Meters 6 Meters
1 year on Compete system

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